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IR_FR_SLB Single Portrait Non Penetrating Structure

A half rail bridge system for continuous portrait PV Module Mounting Structure with flexible fixing mechanism

  • Made of high quality Aluminum
  • Minimum number of parts
  • Quick installation


Technical Information
Sheet Type Trapezoidal Sheet
Tilt 0 to 20 Deg
Penel Arrangement Portrait
Max Wind Speed 55m/s
Module Compatibility Framed
Material Cold roll-formed per galvanized steel profiles or Post galvanized steel profiles
Anchouing type Self threading screw
Clamps Aluminum middle and end Clamps: 6063 T6
Warranty 15 Year
Duration Above 20 year
Action on structures(EC1,ENV1911-1,1--3, 1-4),

Eurocoden 1

-Part1-1:General action-self-weight and imposed loads -Part1-4:General action-Wind actions

Design of steel structures(EC3,ENV 1991-1-1,1-3)

Eurocoden 2

-Part1-1:General -rules and rules for buildings -Part1-3:General -Cold formed thin gauge members -Part1-8:General -Design of joints -Part1-10:General -Materials toughness and through thickness assessment