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Current Openings

Senior Design Engineer (3 to 4 Year Experience)

we are seeking a talented and experienced Senior Design Engineer to join our dedicated team and contribute to the creation of groundbreaking products that shape the future.
- Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Industrial Engineering, or a related field.
- Good exposures and experience in designing of new product for Rooftop, Carport, Ground Mount, Tracker.
- Hands-on experience with CAD, SOLIDWORKS, STAAD PRO, CFD, and Simulation tools.
- Strong understanding of manufacturing processes, materials, and precision engineering principles.
- Problem-solving skills and a creative approach to design challenges.
- Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
- Attention to detail and a dedication to producing high-quality results.
- Adaptability to evolving technologies and industry trends.

Business Development Executive-Sales ( 2 to 3 Year Experience)

We are looking for a self-motivated Sales Executive to generate sales leads, close order and enhance market penetration in the solar mounting systems and light gauge steel market.
- Bachelor's degree in engineering or related field
- Minimum 2 years of experience in Sales/Business Development in Solar Mounting Sales.
- Proven work experience in any CRM tool.
- Proficient in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
- Strong communication skills along with a customer-oriented attitude.
- Conduct research to Identify and Generate new business opportunities.
- Generate warm leads through cold call prospecting.
- Demonstrate products and help in the improvement of the product lines.
- Ability to perform all aspects of selling/closing a project.
- Develops and prepares reports of the lead generation, sales funneling, and conversion ratio of orders.
- Responsible for the after-sales coordination, solicitation of project documents and information.
- Post Sales, follow up for all payments as per agreed terms.
- Maintain acceptable profit margins.
-Maintain sales quota for each quarter and year as per individual and team revenue goals.

Supply Chain Executive ( 2 Year Experience)

We are currently seeking a Supply Chain Executive with a specialization in Logistics to adeptly oversee tasks associated with the strategic and tactical onboarding and evaluation of vendors, carrier selection, freight optimization, reconciliation, and customer service.
- Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.
- Proficient in providing high-quality customer service.
- Comprehensive understanding of vendor onboarding processes.
- Expertise in strategic carrier selection and freight optimization.
- Proven track record in supply chain management, with a focus on logistics.
- Demonstrated ability to make strategic decisions in a complex supply chain environment.
- Optimize freight processes to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to streamline supply chain operations.
- Efficiently manage the strategic and tactical onboarding of vendors within the supply chain.
- Reconcile supply chain activities to maintain accuracy and alignment with financial objectives.
- Conduct thorough assessments of vendors to ensure alignment with organizational goals and standards.
- Stay abreast of industry trends and advancements, integrating relevant innovations into existing practices.
- Implement effective strategies for carrier selection, considering both short-term and long-term objectives.
- Uphold compliance with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring adherence throughout the supply chain process.
- Provide exemplary customer service to internal and external stakeholders, addressing inquiries and concerns promptly.
- Take ownership of resolving challenges within the supply chain and proactively identify opportunities for improvement.

Content Writing Internship

Join Strolar as a Content Writing Intern and gain hands-on experience in crafting compelling content for diverse platforms.
- Pursuing a degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or related field.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Familiarity with social media platforms and content marketing.
- Detail-oriented with excellent editing and proofreading skills.
- Create engaging content for blogs, social media, website, and marketing materials.
- Edit and proofread content for clarity and adherence to brand guidelines.
- Contribute to social media strategy and content execution.
- Conduct research on industry trends and compile relevant data.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams for cohesive messaging.
- Monitor and analyze content performance across channels.

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