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Current Openings

HR Operations Executive (2 to 3 Years Experience)

The HR Operations Executive in the manufacturing sector will play a pivotal role in managing and optimizing HR processes, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. This position requires a hands-on approach to handle day-to-day HR activities, employee relations, compliance, and continuous improvement of HR policies and procedures. The ideal candidate will possess strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work effectively in a dynamic manufacturing environment.
HR Administration:
- Manage HR documentation.
- Oversee HR policies and procedures.
- Maintain accurate, confidential employee records.
- Handle HR queries and support employees and management.
Recruitment and Onboarding:
- Facilitate onboarding for new hires.
- Conduct orientation sessions on company policies and culture.
- Coordinate recruitment: job postings, screening, interviews, reference checks.
Payroll and Benefits Administration:
- Handle payroll and benefits inquiries.
- Administer employee benefits programs.
- Assist in payroll preparation and processing.
Employee Relations:
- Support disciplinary actions.
- Address employee concerns and resolve conflicts.
- Conduct investigations into complaints and provide resolutions.
Compliance and Reporting:
- Prepare and submit regulatory reports.
- Ensure compliance with labor laws and company policies.
- Stay updated on HR best practices and legal requirements.
Performance Management:
- Monitor and report on performance metrics.
- Support managers in reviews and goal setting.
- Assist in performance appraisal implementation.

Purchase Executive (2 to 3 Years Experience)

As a Purchase Executive, you will be responsible for managing all procurement activities, ensuring the timely and cost-effective acquisition of materials and services required by the company. You will play a crucial role in maintaining the supply chain and optimizing purchasing procedures to ensure smooth operations.
Sourcing and Procurement:
- Develop and maintain relationships with suppliers and vendors.
- Negotiate terms and conditions with suppliers to secure advantageous deals.
- Prepare and process purchase orders in accordance with company policies and procedures.
- Identify and evaluate potential suppliers based on price, quality, service support, availability, reliability, and selection.
Inventory Management:
- Monitor inventory levels to ensure a continuous supply of required materials.
- Coordinate with warehouse and production teams to manage stock levels and avoid production delays.
- Implement and monitor inventory control strategies.
Cost Management:
- Analyze market and delivery systems to assess present and future material availability.
- Seek ways to improve cost efficiency without compromising quality.
- Prepare cost estimates and manage budgets for purchasing activities.
Compliance and Documentation:
- Ensure compliance with procurement policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements.
- Maintain accurate records of purchases, pricing, and other relevant data.
- Prepare reports on purchasing activities and performance metrics.
Supplier Performance:
- Evaluate supplier performance based on quality, delivery, and service.
- Address and resolve any issues or discrepancies with suppliers.
- Conduct regular supplier audits to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Product Sales Manager - Rooftop (2 to 3 Years Experience)

We are currently seeking a dedicated and experienced Sales Manager with 2 to 3 years of relevant experience in the construction or building materials industry to join our team as a Sales Manager focused on Rooftop products. The ideal candidate will possess strong leadership skills, a solid understanding of rooftop products, and a proven track record of driving sales growth. As a Sales Manager, you will be responsible for leading a team of sales representatives and driving revenue through strategic planning and execution.
- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Engineering, or a related field.
- 2 to 3 years of experience in sales, preferably in the construction or building materials industry.
- Proven track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets and driving revenue growth.
- Strong leadership and management skills with the ability to motivate and inspire a sales team.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, both verbal and written.
- Ability to develop and maintain relationships with clients and stakeholders at all levels.
- Proficiency in MS Office suite and CRM software.
- Willingness to travel frequently to meet with clients and attend industry events.
- Knowledge of rooftop products and their applications in construction or building projects is a plus.
- Develop and implement sales strategies to achieve revenue targets for rooftop products.
- Lead and manage a team of sales representatives, providing guidance, support, and training as needed.
- Identify and pursue new business opportunities through market research, networking, and prospecting.
- Build and maintain strong relationships with key clients and stakeholders to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
- Collaborate with the marketing team to develop promotional materials and campaigns to effectively showcase rooftop products.
- Conduct regular performance evaluations of sales team members and provide feedback for improvement.
- Monitor market trends, competitor activities, and customer needs to inform sales strategies and tactics.
- Prepare and present sales forecasts, budgets, and reports to senior management.
- Coordinate with internal teams such as production, logistics, and customer service to ensure timely delivery and fulfillment of orders.
- Represent the company at industry events, trade shows, and conferences to promote rooftop products and generate leads.

Senior Design Engineer (3 to 4 Year Experience)

we are seeking a talented and experienced Senior Design Engineer to join our dedicated team and contribute to the creation of groundbreaking products that shape the future.
- Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Industrial Engineering, or a related field.
- Good exposures and experience in designing of new product for Rooftop, Carport, Ground Mount, Tracker.
- Hands-on experience with CAD, SOLIDWORKS, STAAD PRO, CFD, and Simulation tools.
- Strong understanding of manufacturing processes, materials, and precision engineering principles.
- Problem-solving skills and a creative approach to design challenges.
- Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
- Attention to detail and a dedication to producing high-quality results.
- Adaptability to evolving technologies and industry trends.

Supply Chain Executive ( 2 Year Experience)

We are currently seeking a Supply Chain Executive with a specialization in Logistics to adeptly oversee tasks associated with the strategic and tactical onboarding and evaluation of vendors, carrier selection, freight optimization, reconciliation, and customer service.
- Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.
- Proficient in providing high-quality customer service.
- Comprehensive understanding of vendor onboarding processes.
- Expertise in strategic carrier selection and freight optimization.
- Proven track record in supply chain management, with a focus on logistics.
- Demonstrated ability to make strategic decisions in a complex supply chain environment.
- Optimize freight processes to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to streamline supply chain operations.
- Efficiently manage the strategic and tactical onboarding of vendors within the supply chain.
- Reconcile supply chain activities to maintain accuracy and alignment with financial objectives.
- Conduct thorough assessments of vendors to ensure alignment with organizational goals and standards.
- Stay abreast of industry trends and advancements, integrating relevant innovations into existing practices.
- Implement effective strategies for carrier selection, considering both short-term and long-term objectives.
- Uphold compliance with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring adherence throughout the supply chain process.
- Provide exemplary customer service to internal and external stakeholders, addressing inquiries and concerns promptly.
- Take ownership of resolving challenges within the supply chain and proactively identify opportunities for improvement.

Content Writing Internship

Join Strolar as a Content Writing Intern and gain hands-on experience in crafting compelling content for diverse platforms.
- Pursuing a degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or related field.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Familiarity with social media platforms and content marketing.
- Detail-oriented with excellent editing and proofreading skills.
- Create engaging content for blogs, social media, website, and marketing materials.
- Edit and proofread content for clarity and adherence to brand guidelines.
- Contribute to social media strategy and content execution.
- Conduct research on industry trends and compile relevant data.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams for cohesive messaging.
- Monitor and analyze content performance across channels.

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