Solar Building

A roof module covers almost 0.75-0.9 square meters of roof area. Depending on the size of the roof, a great deal of electricity is therefore generated. Strolar advertises with the fact that the roof has already saved the CO2 emissions that arose during its manufacture within one year.


The STR_EBS is a south facing open field Elevated mount system with minimum clearance of 7000 mm. The aerodynamic design and on-field ruggedness over decades stands testimony to the mounting systems strength.

Elevated Roof For Industrial,Agriculture and Residential Buildings
Application Area

5 years
System Warranty

PV Roof Build Mounting System

Isolated Foundation
Foundation Type


HDG/ PAINTED / Galvalume

Durable, corrosion-resistant steel coating for construction and automotive. Recyclable and energy-efficient.


No drilling, preserves surface integrity. Quick, versatile, and compliant. Ideal for roofs, events, and more.

10 & 15 Degree

Solar panel tilt angles. 10° captures more winter sunlight. 15° balances year-round performance. Choose based on location and goals.


Destructive storm speed. Causes damage, flying debris, power outages. Safety measures essential.

Additional information

System Orientation


Structure Tilt (º)

10º, 15º, 20º, 25º


Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel or Pregalvanized

Minimum Ground Clearance

300 mm / 500 mm

Wind Speed

55 m/sec


PV modules with frame height between 30-50 mm

Module Size (max)

Length: any; Width: any


Single Portrait

Wind Load

Certified by ABS Industrial Verification (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Layout and Ballast Plan

Provided by Strolar®

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