Finishing and Assembly

To save you steps in the outsourcing process, we perform shot blasting, wet painting and powder coating in-house. Our pangborn es-2050 continuous motion conveyor system increases efficiency. Our large batch booth coating system and our powered conveyor system offer both wet painting and powder coating for parts up to 25’ in length.

Paint Systems

    Batch Booth Coating System
    • Part capacity wet paint: 14' x 14' x 25'
    • Part capacity powder coat: 14' x 14' x 20'
    • Indexable conveyor with 5 ton hanging capacity
    • Inline wash system with reclamation for cleaning and phosphatizing and dry cycle, wet paint booth w/ bake cycle up to 200º F, powder coat booth and bake oven 180º – 450º F.

    Powered Conveyor System
    • Part capacity: 4' x 4' x 10'
    • 144' of track and 1100 hooks rated at 300 lbs. each
    • Six-stage power spray wash booth with iron phosphatizing
    • Additional powder coating capabilities-Part capacity: 4' x 4' x 10'
    • Three spray booths, prime coat oven and top coat oven booth with 450º temperature capacity

    Shot Blasters

      Pangborn ES-2050 Wire Mesh Belt Blaster
      • 48" X 36" work envelope
      • 8 Model 265DD “Genesis,” 26.5" 25HP wheels
      • Belt speeds 2 ft./min. to 20 ft./min.

      Bronco Spinner Table Shot Blaster
      • 84" diameter capacity

      Bronco Tumble Blaster
      • 6.5 Cu Ft capacity
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