Use state-of-the-art computer simulations to evaluate and optimise your cold-rolled parts — for faster designs and less material waste.

The highly experienced and qualified engineers within Strolar Mounting Systems (SMS) represent a significant proportion of the global expertise in this field and are dedicated to the development of ever-more efficient products and processes. They work in collaboration with academic and scientific institutions across the UK, publishing dozens of research papers and maintaining an internal academic research portfolio since 1985.

Areas in which we assist our customers include the provision of structural design calculations, material evaluation and product specifications – we also support the integration of existing process technologies and the development of new ones.

In-house physical testing capabilities allow for theoretical development as well as the physical validation of prototypes.

Predict And Prevent With Simulation Technology

Save Time On Product Development

Reach An Optimised Design For Your Parts And Tooling Faster — With Advanced Computer Simulations To Model The Behaviour Of Your Roll-formed Products.

Reduce The Cost Of Production Trials

Save Time And Materials By Avoiding The Trial And Error Of Repeated Prototypes — While Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Spot Problems Before They Happen

Prevent Issues And Defects At An Early Stage By Combining Simulation Technology With The Expertise Of Our Experienced Engineers.
    Over the last 10 years Strolar Mounting Systems have invested in one of the most technically advanced cold roll forming design and production engineering operations of its kind, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency at every stage of your project.

    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • CAD Simulation Tools
    • Non-linear Software
    • Simulation to BSEN Standards
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