Klip Lock

Enhance industrial roof stability with SLFK K Brackets, specially designed for high wind loads. Lightweight, compact, and compatible with Klip Lok 400, 440, 700, 770 profiles, these brackets ensure a secure and durable mounting solution. Proven aerodynamic design and on-field ruggedness make SLFK the ultimate choice for industrial roofing projects.


SLFK K Bracket Series, specially engineered for industrial roof projects facing high wind loads. These compact and lightweight brackets are meticulously designed to provide optimal support for your roofing needs, ensuring stability and durability even in challenging conditions.

High Seam Roof
Application Area

15 years
System Warranty

Seam Roof PV Mounting System

High Seam Roof Shed of galvanised steel galvalume, zincalume or any similar make
Roof Covering


HDG / Galvalume

Durable, corrosion-resistant steel coating for construction and automotive. Recyclable and energy-efficient.

Non Penetrating

No drilling, preserves surface integrity. Quick, versatile, and compliant. Ideal for roofs, events, and more.

10 & 15 Degree

Solar panel tilt angles. 10° captures more winter sunlight. 15° balances year-round performance. Choose based on location and goals.


Destructive storm speed. Causes damage, flying debris, power outages. Safety measures essential.

Additional information

System Orientation


Structure Tilt (°)

Flush mounted


Stainless Steel, Aluminium 6063T6

Profile Height

78 mm/100 mm available on request


PV modules with frame height between 30-50 mm

Module Size (max)

Length: Any; Width: Any


Landscape; Portrait available on request

Wind Load

Certified by ABS Industrial Verification (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Rib Distance

Can be fit to any standard rib distance

Roof Slope

Maximum 15°

PV Layout

Provided by StrolarⓇ

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